The Volleyball Section was established in 1929. It was the Piraeus Society that brought volleyball to the city of Piraeus, just as the Panionios Sports Club had brought it to Athens in 1922. In recognition of its contribution, SEGAS, which oversaw the organisation of the sport at that time, awarded gold medals and diplomas to the Piraeus Society in 1934 and 1935.

Today, the Piraeus Society has a full range of women’s teams, including the Youngsters’ Talent–Spotting Team, the Junior Girls’ Team, the Young Girls’ Team, the Senior Girls’ Team and the Women’s Team.

The Junior Girls’ and Yong Girls’ Teams compete in their respective Championships, which are organised by the Association of Western Attica Volleyball Clubs (ESPEDA). The Women’s Team has competed in the 2nd National League since 2003 and is considered one of the 43 best teams in Greece. Following a resolution by the Board of Directors, the team is now affiliated to a sponsor company, which provides financial and organisational assistance.

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