The Piraeus Conservatory was formally founded in 1904 when the Piraeus Society itself was established.

It had actually begun work in 1896, when members of its choir were asked to take part in the celebrations held to mark the first Modern Olympic Games. In 1903the Conservatory gained official State recognition as a fully fledged Conservatory named the Piraeus Conservatory.

Since then it has provided training in music and art to generations of young people, many of whom have gone on to become famous musicians both in Greece and abroad. One of them was the scholarMenelaos Pallantios.


Some of the best known names in the world of Greek music have directed the Conservatory. Some of the most notable include:

Georgios Nazos

Filoktitis Economidis.

Michail Veloudios 

Iosif Boustinoui

Georgios Sklavos

                  Konstandinos Kydoniatis

                  Lefteris Papastavrou and

                  Thaleia Mira.


                 The Piraeus Conservatory is currently directed by:

                  Emil-Mark Handjiev


Piraeus Conservatory Teaching Staff:


Nona Yialama                         violin

Artemis Griva                         piano

Panayiotis Deliyiannis              guitar

Maria Irineou                          piano

Christos Zelelidis                    drums, bass guitar

Fotini Maniadaki                      piano

Antonis Mendis                        byzantine music

Giorgos Misailidis                    monody-opera singing

Ekaterini Momtzou                  piano

Gennadios Bikof                      violin

Spyridon Nikolouzos               wind instruments

Nikolaos Papadimitriou            cello,chamber music

Christiana Patmanidou             piano

Pericles Sofios                         guitar,buzuky,mandolin

Maria Florou                           piano

Ermila Frangoulidou                piano

Emil-Mark Handjiev                 high theory

Flora Palivou                           solfez and theory

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